A Newer and Safer Way to Pay Online.

Did you know?

In 2018, $24.26 Billion was lost due to payment card fraud worldwide.

In the next year, the Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC) predicts identity theft protection services will primarily focus on data breaches, data abuse and data privacy.

Card not present fraud is now 81 percent more likely than point-of-sale fraud.

When you make a purchase online, your card data is vulnerable to being captured and used fraudulently. If a cyber thief captures your card information, it could take you months to recover your money and your identity, not to mention your immediate loss and the pain and hassle associated.


When you are making a card purchase at any business using their terminal, you are making what is called a “card present” payment. No one ever sees your card data. CT Checkout replicates this process by converting an iPhone or Android smartphone into a personal consumer terminal. CT Checkout has developed the ability to shop online with the same security and confidence as if you held a point of sale terminal in your hand, because you do. This is breakthrough technology. It has not been seen before.


CT Checkout provides the most secure way to make online purchases, using our CT Checkout app on your iPhone or Android phone. With CT Checkout, you can make secure end-to-end encrypted payments to CT Checkout web merchants, and your card data remains secure and private. No sensitive information is ever entered or transmitted over the public internet.



  • Your sensitive data is never entered, transmitted or stored.
  • Nothing to find, nothing to hack, nothing to steal. Your identity remains safe.


  • Get Paid $10 for joining the club*
  • Get Paid $10 for every friend you refer that signs up
  • Get Paid $25 for every business we sign up with your lead plus an ongoing 10% from the business generated from that web merchant’s CT Checkout activity


  • Discounts from participating merchants
  • Cashback from over 1,200 online national merchants



Simply fill out the encrypted form with the required by information*. Upon approval, we will activate your prepaid debit card and load $10. We will then place your encrypted prepaid debit card on your CT Checkout app. We will also mail your physical $10 prepaid debit card to you.


When you receive your prepaid debit card in the mail, you then need to complete your registration at: https://go.cardportal.us/enroll  This is required by the US Patriot ACT*.


Shop online at www.ctcheckoutstore.com and save up to 10%! No one sees your card data. You can also shop with your encrypted prepaid debit card at websites accepting CT Checkout, or use your physical prepaid debit card anywhere Mastercard is accepted.

You can load additional dollars to your encrypted prepaid debit card from your bank account, or you can load it at Western Union or MoneyGram and other public locations. Full instructions for loading are included with your card.


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